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Tanzania online visa applications
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Africa and Tanzania Safari packing guide




Please visit  for current information on health requirements.

There is availability of Medical Evacuation cover via Flying Doctors Services at a cost of USD 10-35 per person that covers within the radius of 600 kms.


*Vaccinations recommended by CD & WHO for Tanzania.

Hepatitis A, hepatitis B, Typhoid, Boosters for tetanus, diphtheria and measles, yellow fever, rabies, polio, as well as medications for malaria prophylaxis and travelers’ diarrhea. Meningococcal vaccine is recommended for those visiting refugee camps. Additional immunizations may be necessary depending upon the circumstances of the trip and the medical history of the traveler, as insect repellents are recommended, or in conjunction with other measures to prevent mosquito bites. Several cases of African trypanosomiasis (sleeping sickness) have recently been reported among visitors to game parks, measures to prevent bites from tsetse flies are recommended.

Travelers should visit either a travel health clinic or their personal physician 3-7 weeks before departure.




The unit of currency is the Tanzanian shilling. Other currencies like US Dollar, English Pound, and Euro can be changed in Banks in Cities and Towns. We encourage that you carry you card that allows you to draw money from ATM machines. Credit cards are accepted at major lodges, hotels, restaurants and some shops.



There is online Visa application on Alternatively, Travelers may contact a nearby Embassy or Consular office in their home country. Clients are required to have a passport of at least 6 months validity from the start date of travel.



It is highly recommended that you buy a proper insurance cover note from country of origin in order to comply with International standards. Our Company fleet is also insured according to Tanzanian laws.





The key roads between cities and regions are tarmac and in good condition. Roads in National Parks and conditions in some of the reserves and National parks and game reserves are somehow rough, bumpy, and dusty. During the rainy season, some roads are only passable using four-wheel drive vehicles. Driving is on the left side of the road.


Major Airports

Julius K. Nyerere International Airport (Dar es Salaam), is located about 10km from the historic center of Dar es Salaam (Central Railway Station) southwest of the Tanzanian capital

Kilimanjaro International Airport, is in northern Tanzania that serves the cities of Arusha and Moshi.

​Amani Abeid Karume International Airport (Zanzibar) is the main airport in the Zanzibar Archipelago located on Unguja Island.


Air services have become the most significant form of internal transport for official and business travel.


What to Pack;

Generally, casual comfortable clothing is suitable throughout the year.

The most practical items to pack are:

  • Khaki, brown, white and beige colors, Light cotton tops and cotton trousers/shorts in summer

  • Long sleeved blouses/shirts for game drives, (they will protect from the sun and mosquitoes)

  • Fleece or sweater and a warm jacket for game drives

  • Swimwear is a must for the beach, A hat, sunglasses and sunscreen

  • Sweater & warm jacket

  • Insect repellent, Battery chargers, and Beach Sandals

Always observe a decent dress code while in a public area.

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