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Home to Datoga Authentice Culture 

Bush.  Beach.  Culture. Adventures. Incentives.  Climbing & Trekking

Home to Aunthentic Culture 

Mount Hanang the third highest mountain in Tanzania and The climb is doable and totally worth and it's perfect for people with limited budget. Hanang it's a Home for best Culture Experience

Live in Tanzania families, with Datooga and Iraq tribes in Tanzania around Hanang districts, be living in the culture Family and do what they do and experience a unique their Culture

Mount Hanang

Mount Hanang is a mountain in Tanzania. The peak has an elevation of 3,420m above sea level.Hanang is located in Manyara RegionHanang District. It is (after Mount Kilimanjaro and Mount Meru ) the third-highest mountain in Tanzania. 

The climb can be done in one day (8-10 hours daytime), but it is also common for climbers to spend one night in a tented camp on the mountain and reach the summit on the second day. The animals present are klipspringer, velvet monkeys, bush pigs, olive baboons, spotted hyena, leopards and a variety of snakes, Hedgehog, Blue-tailed skink , chameleon, birds and insects

"Mount is used as an important worshiping area for Barbaig and Iraqw tribes the natives of Hanang District"


Mountain Trekking

Walking Safari and Birding Safari

Camping at Datoga Boma 

Culture tourism and Salt Mining (extractions)

Authentic Africa Homestay  Experience

Visit Lake Balangdalalu for a true Rift Valley view 



Throughout the year.



By road from Kilimanjaro, Arusha, Dodoma, Babati, Singida

By chartered flight to nearby city and then drive to Katesh Hanang district



The place offer only friendly budget guesthouse, lodge, campsite and homestay, 

You will live with a host family and will be provided with local meals three times a day. You will be living in the tribal villages and will become a part of the village life. Tribal homes are normally very basic mud or metal huts with no running water or electricity.

However, despite the basic living arrangements, volunteer workers are well provided for and extremely well looked after by their hosts. You will also get to try traditional food such as makande, mandazi, ugali, chapatti, mboga, supu, mchemsho, maziwa, and uji, also to make and testing traditions brewing. 

Families daily activities

The head bucket fetching water

Farming in the Farming season

Taking care of Livestock like cow, goats, donkey, chicken etc

Attending in the cultural dances /singing or village events like Community market

Cooking, Fetch Fire wood

Village sports

Grinding ugali flour, and many more




Roads natural rough, dust and bump

Water NOT TREATED, local use from source, treated and someplace are salt

Local food, Locally prepared, Tradition utensil

Dress; Decent, comfortable, Sun-glass, long leaves & trouser (Jeans material 



You can share/donate the following if wish!

Studies facilities like reading books, exercise books, pens, marker pens

Use clothes, shoes, materials

Adventure Tour



Safari & Culture Experience


Private, Lodge & Tented Camp

Place to Visit:

5  Days Mount Hanang with Africa                      Home Stay Experience

3 Days Wildlife Safari, Tarangire Park,                  Lake Manyara Park,

              Ngorongoro Crater

mount-meru 5.jpg


Adventure Tour


Private, Mid-range, Lodge & Tented Camp

Place to Visit:

3Days Mount Meru Adventure

3 Days Wildlife Safari, Tarangire Park  

              Ngorongoro Crater 

NGORONGORO 8 - Copy.jpg

6 Days:

Ol Doinyo Lengai to Serengeti 

Tanzania:  Private, Tented Camp

Place to Visit:

3 Days "Mount of God" Oldonyo Lengai

3 Days "Home to Migration" Serengeti

Image by Crispin Jones

10 Days:

Kilimanjaro to Safari 


Private, Lodge & Tented Camp

Place to Visit:

6Days Kilimanjaro Marangu Route,  4Days  Wildlife Safari, Tarangire Park

              Ngorongoro crater

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